What is the Difference Between an HP and a CC Go Kart Engine?

A Go Kart Engine is a perfect blend of quality, performance and reliability. Some engines are measured to define their power while others are used to measure their capacity. 

Mode of Difference

The difference in an HP engine and a CC engine will be the method used to measure power output of the engine.

Properties of an HP Measurement

HP is the short term for Horse Power. This is used to define the power in different units of measurements. It was originally used to compare the power of draft horses to steam engines output in the older days. Since the unit is used to measure the output of most engines including piston engines, the HP measurement of a go kart will signify the output of the go kart engine.  

Properties of a CC Measurement

CC is a short term for cubic centimeters. This is used to define the volume displacement that is made when the pistons in an engine move from the top dead center to the bottom dead centre. The power output of a vehicle will be directly proportional to the displacement of an engine.