What Is the Difference between Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles?

Contrary to what many people in the construction industry believe, safety glasses and safety goggles are not interchangeable, as there are a number of stark differences that separate the two. If you've ever been curious about what differentiates safety glasses from safety goggles, read on to learn the basics.


While the lenses found on safety glasses and safety goggles tend to be made from the same type of shatter-proof, heat-resistant plastic, the means by which they are attached to your head are noticeably different. Whereas safety glasses are held on via two bulky earpieces, safety goggles are affixed to your head with an adjustable strap, which enables them to stay on more tightly than a typical pair of safety glasses. Because of their loose, bulky nature, safety glasses have a tendency to fall off at undesirable times.


Safety glasses are best suited for shielding your eyes from small pieces of debris and are appropriate for most home improvement projects. For example, when extracting nails, you should always make sure to don a pair of safety glasses. Safety goggles, on the other hand, are best suited for use in large scale construction projects and will effectively shield your eyes from heavy-duty debris. With all the potential safety hazards presented by most construction zones, you can't take the risk of having your protective eyewear unexpectedly fall off.