What Is the Proper Washing Machine Installation Standpipe Height?

washing machine hose placed to drain into a standpipe

During construction or when you install a washing machine in a new location, you will need to install a standpipe so that the washing machine has proper drainage.

For existing plumbing, you will cut into the vertical piping and add the standpipe to the line. For initial plumbing, you will need to install all of the pieces from the drain to the machine. Either way, the standpipe height should fall between 30 and 48 inches from the floor.

You will need to confirm building codes in your area, but most outline that the trap is at least 12 inches off the floor and the standpipe is a minimum of 18 inches above that. Around 39 inches is the average, and if your space allows it, the ideal height for your standpipe.

Installing a Standpipe

Installing a standpipe is an easy project most DIYers can handle by following these three easy steps.

Step 1 - Cut the Pipe

To start, you need to cut into your drain pipe using a reciprocating saw. The cut needs to be large enough for the standpipe. You can use a utility knife to get rid of rough edges.

Step 2 - Insert the Standpipe

Once you have cut into the drain pipe, you can add the standpipe. Once you have it in place, you can glue it into place.

Step 3 - Let it Dry

Once the standpipe is inside of the drain pipe, you should hold the pipes together. Make sure to give them time to completely dry before using the drain again.