What Is the Right Nail Size for Installing Quarter Round? What Is the Right Nail Size for Installing Quarter Round?

Quarter Round, also known as base shoe, is either made of wood or laminate that is shaped like an arc. It is used as a flooring joint, usually right after a baseboard, or as a standalone. The quarter round can either be placed after the baseboard or not, but homeowners prefer the addition of a quarter round because of its aesthetic effects. Now, in going about the installation of the quarter round, you have to be specific on the type of nail to use because too small a nail will not fasten the quarter round rigidly, and big nails could easily split the quarter round, and that is not appealing to look at. 

The most commonly used size of the quarter round is the ¾ inch, however there is no hard and fast rule to this. The choice of which size of quarter round to use depends upon you or on the floor gaps that you are trying to hide. For this example, let’s make use of the ¾ inch quarter round. The best nail size to use for this is the #6d bright finish nails. Set them with the use of a small nail set. Afterward, cover the hole made by nails with putty. 

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