What is the Standard Chair Rail Height?

A chair rail protects your wall against scrapes and scuffs from chairs. An added benefit is that a chair rail imparts a designer touch to your home without the designer price tag; if you install it yourself. Before starting, take some time to plan your layout. Determining the standard chair rail height is the first consideration.

Standard Chair Rail Height

Installation heights for chair rail can vary, but the standard height is 1/3 the height of the wall. If your walls were 8 feet, the standard height would be 32 inches. If your walls were 10 feet, the chair rail height would be 40 inches.

Functional Chair Rail Height

The standard chair rail height may not suit your specific needs. If your chairs would scrape the wall with the chair rail at the standard height, the standard height will not suffice. It would not function for the purpose you intended. A simple way to determine the functional height is to take your chair and place it against the wall. The height at which the chair touches the wall is your functional height. Install your chair rail at this height for maximum wall protection.

Use the standard chair rail height as rule of thumb, but always consider function if it is important to you.