What is Tire Dressing?

Tire dressing can be the finishing touch to a day of detailing and cleaning your prized automobile. Before you choose one, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Tire dressings come in 2 types, water based and solvent based. Both products are available at most any auto supply or discount store car center. You may notice that most of them are solvent based, as this has been the market standard for this product for many years. Solvent based usually are less expensive. They come in foam, aerosol, pump spray and gel.

Solvent based dressings are sticky, and can be difficult to use. If you over spray and it gets on your car paint, it can cause damage to the finish if isn't removed right away. Also, since it is gummy, when it heats up, do to weather or road conditions, it can fling all over your car. Solvent based products are not environmentally friendly. Many people like this product, however, because of the deep, dark shine it gives your tires.

Water based products are milky white or light blue, and can be washed off if they get on paint or clothing. They dry hard. Many have also incorporated liquid UV filters that help block suns damage from your tires.