What Is Use Hydro Jet Cleaning?

If you need to have your sewer or drain cleaned out quickly and easily, then one simple method is to use hydrojet cleaning. The hydrojet can be used on many types of cleaning jobs, from automobiles to municipal sewer cleaning jobs, but for getting drains cleaned, it is one of the best systems around. You can hire people to come around to your house, and clean out your drains using this method, for a fee, or you can rent out the kit yourself, and do all of your waste water outlets at the same time.

What Is Hydrojet Cleaning?

The hydrojet is a hose connected to a powerful nozzle, which pushes out large amounts of water at very high pressure. The amount of pressure can sometimes reach around 35,000psi, which is very powerful. The nozzle is not led into the drain, but is simply pushed through, as it is usually self-propelled. Some older hydrojets may have a metal pole which is used to keep the nozzle pointed in the right direction, but apart from that, it is a relatively simple task. After the nozzle is put into the drain, it is pushed down as far as necessary, and then  the water is forced through the pipe.

The hydrojet cleaning method is good for sewage lines which are being regularly blocked. This problem can be caused by a connection between the PEX pipe and old copper or galvanized metal pipes, so the traditional method of cleaning, which is to bore a hole near the blockage and dig out the mess, is not really applicable in these cases. Similar problems can also be caused by the roots penetrating the plastic pipes, which can be difficult to remove completely by hand.

Why Use Hydrojet Cleaning?

Rather than the rather haphazard method of cleaning which is the traditional sewage cleaning method, the hydrojet has two great benefits. Firstly, it is much more powerful that the old method, meaning that you will not just clear away a few tree roots in the near vicinity, but you will get them all. The force of the water also cleans off all of the walls of the pipes, meaning that the drain is much cleaner and less likely to be blocked in the future.

The second reason for using the hydrojet cleaning method is that it can enter areas where the old bore method was just no use. Small nozzles can be fitted to the hose, allowing the cleaner to insert the hydrojet into the drain from the toilet bowl. This means that even if you have a blockage in a small drain pipe, the hydrojet can clean it out easily. The nozzle will also pull around P-traps and other bends in the drain with ease, so you can clean out all the usual culprits when it comes to a blockage. Using the hydrojet also allows you to clean out your PVC pipes without risking damage.