What Is Usually Included in a Patio Deck Kit? What Is Usually Included in a Patio Deck Kit?

When summer approaches, you might start thinking about patio deck kits to furnish and improve the outside of your home. Decking kits have become exceedingly popular in the last few years and are still on the increase. New designs and styles are constantly being marketed and people now have far large choices than they did before. When considering a kit, you might also wonder what you get for your money.

Decking Boards

Depending on the area size of the chosen space you are filling you will get decking boards, but be aware that you should measure the area correctly before you purchase the decking kit. Know exactly what size of space you are designing your decking for and where it will fit in terms of the outside of your home. Decking boards will be the length of the pre-designed kit dimensions. For instance, if your kit is 8 feet by 8 feet, the deck boards will be 8 feet long. The entire kit will consist of pressure treated wood for a long lasting outdoor life in your garden.

Cross Beams

You may have chosen a style which has an open cross beam ‘roof’. If you did choose this, you will also get these in your kit and for a 8 feet by 8 feet patio deck, you will probably get cross beams of 10 feet long to create a pergola style overhang. People choose this type of ‘roof’ for aesthetic value and often they will add hanging ivy or vines which will eventually grow over the roof and cover it.

Wooden Railings

Otherwise known as balusters or balustrades, the railings will cover either two or three sides of deck area, depending on the style. You will have railing handles too, to complete the banister appearance.

Corner Posts

Four corner posts will come with your patio deck kit which will also be accompanied by cross beams and corner supports. The corner supports are angled at a curve to balance the cross beams which run along each edge of the patio deck. The height of the corner posts will be around 8 feet high or a little under. This is an average ceiling height.


Some decking kits have a couple of steps which go up to the deck from the ground level and your kit will include risers and treads to assemble the steps from.

Additional Components

Most kits will be self assembly and will come with any screws, nails and fittings that are required to create the completed solid structure. You might also get metal brackets which can support the decking but this will vary between kits and makers. Some deck makers will have interlocking solutions to replace screws and nails, so read the information with all kits that you are potentially thinking about before you make your final decision. Decking can also be attached to your home like roof joists, but most patio deck kits are free standing and can be assembled anywhere in the garden.


Most kits should come with a guarantee. Make sure that the kit you buy has a guarantee. It will not cover the bad workmanship if you build the kit badly and it falls down and it will not cover the condition of the wood if you fail to protect it as per the instructions but it will cover the age of the wood and if it is pressure treated it has a lifetime of at least 15 years.


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