What Kind of Air Compressor do You Need For Your Pneumatic Hammer? What Kind of Air Compressor do You Need For Your Pneumatic Hammer?

To take the carpentery hobby to the next level, you can opt to use a pneumatic hammer, this kind of hammer can drill nails with great speed and can be very useful for speedy results. A pneumatic hammer works with the help of compressed air build up in its compressor. It is important to choose the right type of air compressor for your pneumatic hammer in order to get better results. Air compressors usually work with electricity, however there are many which use gas for their working as well. If the work involved is heavy, people prefer two stage air compressors. This is because this type of compressor gives more power through compressed air.

Step1 - AMSE Attestation

One should first of all check whether the air compressor is attested by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or not. The rating given by this society can be taken as a base to select the air compressor as it stamps the level of quality. On the basis of the ratings given by AMSE, one can make the initial choice of the air compressors to be bought for the pneumatic hammer.

Step 2 - Weight

While purchasing an air compressor the buyer should consider the weight because if it is very heavy then it might not be possible to carry it easily. One should purchase the right weighed air compressor depending on the kind of work you want to do with it. Ideally, pneumatic hammer should have a portable compressor.

Step 3 - Tool Handle

In the case of the pneumatic hammer, it is essential to consider the size of the handle as it should be comfortable for the user. It is essential to have a good grip in order to use it for the best results.

Step 4- Check the Parts

Before buying an air compressor, it is essential to check the presence of proper pressure gauge and pressure release valve as well. These parts play a very important role in a pneumatic hammer, hence should be considered properly before buying the air compressor.

Step 6 - Oil-free

Nowadays, there are many air compressors that are oil free. Earlier there was not much choice, however now that these machines are available, a person should buy the oil free air compressors. The reason is that an oil free air compressor is more durable and it requires less maintenance as well.

From the above discussion, it can be stated that if you are planning to buy an air compressor for your pneumatic hammer, you should buy a light weight, oil free, attested by AMSE with good rating and durable air compressor.


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