What Kind of Fuel to Use in Your Go Kart Engine

  • 1-2 hours
  • Advanced
  • 700-900
What You'll Need
Digatron fuel tester
What You'll Need
Digatron fuel tester

Most of the Go kart engines run on gasoline, the main fuel used for Go Karts, whether it is 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. Gasoline is basically a combination of different hydrocarbon fluids with small amounts of additives to modify properties. These properties affect cost and performance of the engine in one way or other.

There are various critical properties of the fuel to be considered while selecting a fuel. All these properties affect the functioning of the engine in one way or other. Volatility determines the atomization of the fuel, Heat of vaporization the temperature at which the fuel can turn into vapors, and so on. All these properties need utmost consideration while choosing the fuel. When all these are not determined, there are possibilities of toxins being generated by the engines. The properties of the fuel can be tested by various lab tests as well some fuel tester. Digatron fuel indicator performs two electrical tests that is dielectric constant and direct current conductivity for preliminary screening of fuels. This fuel indicator tests the additives present in the fuel.

What You Need

  • Digatron fuel tester
  • Sensor
  • Cyclohexane as the base material

Step 1 – Preparation

The instrument requires to be turned on 15 minutes prior to initiation of the testing procedure. This allows the internal components of instrument to stabilize at their normal operating temperature.

Step 2 – Attach to Sensors

Next attach the instrument to a sensor and insert the sensor in the Cyclo -hexane base. The instrument must be adjusted in a manner to read -075. This is done in order to allow minor variations may occur during in production gasoline by different manufacturers. Before adjusting the reading in Cyclohexane or fuel samples, you must also ensure that the air bubbles in the fuel have been completely removed. Air trapped in the fuel can give incorrect readings.

Step 3 – Test the Fuel

Check the temperature of the fuel being tested, It is important that the temperature of the fuel being tested and that of Cyclohexane is within 5 degrees of each other. Higher temperature of fuel being tested will give results more positive than it should. Now draw the sufficient sample of the fuel to be tested in a suitable container and immerse the sensor in it. The sample quantity withdrawn should be such that the sensor can be completely immersed in it. Note the reading displayed by the instrument. A zero or a negative reading on the sensor indicates that the fuel is legal. A positive reading indicates that the fuel contains illegal additive. Fuels with illegal additives may harm your engine.

Once you have selected the appropriate type of the fuel of check your engine type and properties and the type of fuel your Go-Kart engine requires.

It is always recommended to get your Go Kart fuel from a reputed fuel retailer. This will help you maintain your Go kart performance in a healthy state and also avoid the hazards caused by using the fuels with illegal additives.