What Kind of Metal Should a Gyrocopter Frame Use?


To construct a gyrocopter, also called an autogyro, gyrofoil or gyroplane, materials must be lightweight, weather-resistant and strong. Learn more about recommended metals for gyrocopter frames below.


The most common metal used for gyrocopter frames is aluminum. It can be powder-coated to make it resist rust and moisture, or galvanized, with great weather resistance while keeping its brushed silver finish. Many aluminum frames are also black-anodized for greater heat resistance, providing protection while the gyrocopter engine is running.

Galvanized Steel

Steel alloys are being developed that are nearly as light as aluminum, with greater structural strength. This is important to make the gyrocopter more wind-resistant, and the copter blades more responsive to wind.

Mixed Metals

Many types of gyrocopters are built with aluminum frames, fiberglass composite bodies, aluminum rotors with a bonded coating of titanium, and a galvanized tubular steel landing gear assembly. This seems to be a highly satisfactory way to achieve minimum weight, maximum lift and the greatest safety for the gyrocopter pilot.

How a Gyrocopter Frame is Made

The gyrocopter's frame is made of square hollow metal tubes connected by triangular-profile metal tubes. The stresses of lift and turn are borne by the tubes, not the screws, bolts or welds that hold them together.