What Kind of Orchid Grows Best Outdoors? What Kind of Orchid Grows Best Outdoors?

Natural orchids grow exceptionally well outdoors, and many varieties prefer to be outside for optimal health. This will ultimately depend on the climate in which you are planting, but there are a few species that work well in multiple climates with minimal care.  

Orchid Varieties

The spiranthes odorata, also known as common ladies’ tresses, are a very hearty perennial orchid that grows great outdoors in varying temperatures. These plants require little water and prefer indirect but ample sunlight and will bloom at multiple times of the year.  

Dendrobium orchids, which are some of the most common varieties, do very well outdoors, even in colder climates. They are also some of the hardiest orchids for outdoor gardens.  

Growing Outdoors

With all outdoor orchids, it is crucial to make sure that there is enough water drainage and proper lighting. Depending on the variety, some plants will need extreme direct sunlight, while others will need indirect light and shelter from the wind.  

Use fertilizer as directed for each orchid rather than using a consistent batch for the entirety of your garden. Each flower will need different levels of nitrogen fertilizer as well as additional supplements of potassium and calcium-rich ingredients for longevity.

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