What Kind of Paint Should be Used for Stucco Concrete?

Stucco concrete is commonly used for exterior surfaces in construction of homes. In fact, the stucco concrete houses is commonly seen in southern US. Painting the surface not only enhances the appearance of the house but also preserves the surface from extreme weather and other damages. The best type of paint for stucco concrete depends upon the age of the stucco and the number of times it was previously painted.

Painting Old Stucco Concrete

To paint old stucco concrete surfaces, apply 2 coats of acrylic paint. The best option are elastomeric or elastomeric-modified masonry paint as this would provide  greater bonding and an resistant surface as the paint is elastic enough to load hairline cracks and holes in the stucco concrete surface.

Painting New Stucco Concrete

Allow new stucco to dry for at least 60 days before painting the surface. After drying, apply a water-based masonry sealer followed by 2 coats of water-based paint. Use high-quality acrylic exterior paint as it provides the greatest hold and color retention.

Previously Painted Stucco

If the stucco concrete has been previously painted, ensure the surface is clean. Power wash the surface and apply either elastomeric or acrylic paint.

No matter what type of paint is applied, it is important to prepare the stucco concrete surface first. Take a look at the manufacturer’s guidelines before preparing and applying the paint on the surface.