What Kind of Wire is Best for a Wire Curtain Rod?

To hang sheer curtains or cover a bowed window, a wire curtain rod can be both adaptable and unobtrusive. Learn more below about various weights of wire curtain rods, and how to maintain their tension.

Lightweight Wire Curtain Rod

Use the very fine gauge 0.2 mm wire curtain rod for sheer light-filtering curtains. This wire is strong enough to hold these nearly weightless fabrics. Attach the curtains to the rod with clip fasteners or grommet rings to move them easily. For light-filtering curtains on door-side glass windows, make rod-pocket tops and bottoms, and slide them over the wire before securing the rod ends.

Medium Weight Wire Curtain Rod

For denser fabrics such as rayon and cotton sheeting, choose a medium weight wire rod, 0.4 mm in diameter. Attach the curtain to the rod with metal grommet rings to prevent fabric wear.

Heavy Weight Wire Curtain Rod

For heavier fabrics up to unlined silk, use roller loops on an 0.6 mm wire curtain rod. Hang the curtains from hooks inserted into the pleated curtain tops.

Adjust Tension

Add tension bars at the ends of the wire curtain rod to tighten the tension if the curtains begin to sag. You can adjust the tension easily by turning the tension bar slightly with needle nose pliers.