What Makes Country Kitchen Design? What Makes Country Kitchen Design?

A country kitchen design is one that is inspired by a small community farm house or house in the South. It is surrounded with flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables hanging in baskets as well as hand painted designs. A country kitchen design is one that engenders feelings of being down home, relaxed, comfortable while a big plate of fried chicken and apple pie is being cooked. Finding inspiration for your country kitchen design is not that hard to do and may even be closer than you think.

Obtain Elements For a Country Kitchen Design 

Many states and communities host farmers markets and organic fairs where local growers have a chance to bring the produce they offer direct to the consumer. These farmer's markets often times have a craft component that will contain many of the elements found in a country kitchen design. When thinking country kitchen design you should think of roosters and chickens and other farm animals. Farm implements such as picks and hoes are also an element found in a country kitchen design. When you consider these things together you will come up with a thematic country kitchen that is a throwback to days on the farm or idealized in movies and in books.

Finding Inspiration for a Country Kitchen

If you are considering a remodel of your present kitchen or looking to incorporate elements  of a country kitchen, there are plenty of books and magazines that are available on the market to accomplish this. Pick up any country design magazine at a fully stocked newsstand or library and you will find the inspiration needed to transform your kitchen into a country kitchen. Many of these books and magazines even contain design drawings and plans that you can use to begin the transformation of your country kitchen. These ideas coupled with the elements that you found at a farmer's market will help bring you closer to that country kitchen design.

Using the Internet

The internet is another source for ideas on how the country kitchen design looks and how you can incorporate many of the elements in your country kitchen design. Using the internet allows you to search for different types of kitchens, how different elements were used or incorporated and how different styles may have been combined to create the ultimate country kitchen design that you are looking for. The beauty of searching online for country kitchen design ideas is that you can also see pictures associated with the design and zoom in and out of certain elements to truly understand what goes into a country kitchen design.

Starting a Country Kitchen Design

You can also use magazines, books and the internet for inspiration and ultimately decide to design your own country kitchen based on the information you found. There is not set standard of what constitutes a country kitchen design other than those things you are looking to incorporate to make your own country kitchen.


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