What Makes Washable Area Rugs Easy to Clean What Makes Washable Area Rugs Easy to Clean

Washable area rugs are the preferred choice for being used in places like kitchens and bathrooms.

Durable Materials

Most of these rugs are made with synthetic materials like fabricated nylon, acrylics or polypropylene. These structural materials have a natural ability to withstand daily wear and tear that is often associated with interiors spaces like the washrooms, kitchens, porches and entryways. Often these rugs are lined with special synthetic coatings that make the rug’s surface resistant to water. As a result, water is not able to seep within the rug, making it more durable and better suited for long-term use. Similarly, the synthetic configuration of washable area rugs makes them less susceptible to let dust particles settle on them. Therefore, these rugs can be freed of the negligible amount of dust that is able gain a foothold on their surface with an occasional dip in the water.

Water Resistant

Being resistant to water, these rugs are easy-to-dry and can be dried under direct sunlight too. Washable area rugs are inherently strong and offer greater durability over a long period of time. Some washable area rugs are made from natural fibers like sisal, bamboo and jute but they have structural features similar to the synthetic variety and are equally easy to clean.


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