What Mudroom Furniture You Should Have What Mudroom Furniture You Should Have

If you're looking for ways to spruce up your mudroom, you may want to consider purchasing some mudroom furniture. Below are the most common types of furniture found in mudrooms.

Wooden Benches/Shoe Storage Containers

Wooden benches that double as shoe storage containers are a very popular type of mudroom furniture. In addition to giving people a place to sit while they put on their shoes, the seats on these benches open up to reveal a storage area in the center. If you're tired of people tossing their dirty shoes on the floor or if your mudroom's shoe rack is full, these benches are a great tool for storing excess footwear.

Storage Cabinets

Even if your mudroom is already adorned with wall-mounted coat hooks, storage cabinets are great for storing wet coats. By allowing wet coats to dry off in these cabinets, you save your mudroom walls from falling victim to moisture-induced mold and mildew. This is particularly important if said walls were not painted with waterproof paint. Additionally, if your mudroom only features enough coat hooks for you and your family, storage cabinets are convenient places for guests to hang their jackets.

Individual Storage Units

Individual storage units are popular mudroom furniture pieces for households with children. These units provide adequate space for children to hang their coats and backpacks as well as special shoe and boot compartments. Individual storage units can help ensure that each child's coat, shoes and backpack never get mixed up with the others.

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