What Paint Colors to Select for Your Contemporary Bedroom What Paint Colors to Select for Your Contemporary Bedroom

When choosing colors for the walls of your contemporary bedroom there are a few things you should consider. In what follows we will take a look at two different ideas that will characterize your room as contemporary or modern.

Neutral Wall Colors

Rooms that are painted in a more classic style might have colored walls accented with white trim. For a contemporary look, do the opposite. Paint your walls white or another neutral color like beige and accent the walls with more aggressive colors for your trim such as bold oranges or blues. Don’t think that soft, neutral colors will be boring, what they provide is a nice contrast and backdrop for other elements in your room like furniture or lighting.

Go Bold

If you are not taken with the idea of having neutral colors then look into bolder wall colors. What is most important for achieving that contemporary look is choosing interesting contrasting colors. Deep espresso browns are complemented nicely by creamy off-whites. Avacado goes well with mellow browns. Whatever color scheme you choose, for a modern look consider an accent wall. You might opt for three colors, one for trim, one for three walls and one for the accent wall. As always, be sure to buy samples, paint a bit on the wall and live with it for a while before you make the final decision.

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