What Paint to Use for Boilers

A boiler.

If you are wanting to paint a boiler, there are only certain types of paint that are safe. Paints that are designed to withstand high heat and moisture can be found at any building supply or home improvement store. Here is what you should know.


A variety of enamels are made to withstand heat. The best feature of enamel is that it prevents the boiler from rusting. Enamel-based paints will cost a little more money than an oil- or latex-based paint, but they will hold up much better than other kinds. It can be applied on your own without the need of contacting a professional.

Powder Coating

A powder coat will prevent rust, withstand moisture, and give a finished look to your boiler. This is generally not a do-it-yourself job and is best to have done prior to installation. If you are wanting to paint a boiler that is already installed, do a powder coating you will need to drain and remove the boiler to have it coated.

High Heat Sprays

One of the easiest methods of painting a boiler is to use a high heat spray. These are typically found at auto parts stores, but you can also find them in home improvement stores. The finish on this type of paint won't be as pretty as some of the other methods, but it will get the job done for less money.