What Parts Make Up a Garage Door? What Parts Make Up a Garage Door?

Getting the correct garage doors parts will help you to repair any problems and perform routine maintenance on your garage door. Garage doors are fairly simple in design but do have several parts and come in various types.

Door Types

Garage doors in older homes may be the one panel door. This kind of door is a solid piece that simply tilts back and slides back at the top out of the way. Multi-panel doors have horizontal sections that are linked together and roll up on a track system. These are the most common types of doors.

Door Materials

Garage doors are traditionally made from wood. Steel doors were made to replace wood doors because they are more durable, but they do dent and often need additional insulation. Some homeowners prefer the traditional look of wood. A compromise is a composite door made of a combination of wood and resin. There are also fiberglass and vinyl doors. The main advantage of a vinyl door is that it is dent resistant.

Motor Drive

The door opener is the part of a garage door that has the most parts and mechanisms. The motor drive is one of 3 types. The chain drive is the one that is least expensive and so it is a popular choice. The belt drive is quieter but more expensive and a popular option in new homes. The screw drive is slowest and therefore the least common.


Torsion springs are springs that run above the door. At the end of the torsion spring are 2 end bearing plates. Next to the plates are a red cable drum on the left and a black cable drum on the right. The spring is wound around a torsion tube. At the end of the spring is a red winding cone and on the other side a black winding cone and a stationary cone in the center of the spring. They are wound springs and therefore under extreme pressure and require a professional to replace them. Extension springs are found on the sides of the door. This kind of spring is designed to stretch and is easier to replace than a torsion spring.


There are vertical and horizontal tracks that a multipanel door rides on. Holding the tracks are the flag bracket, the side bracket and the bottom brackets. There are also track hangers located where the ends of the tracks sit. The cable drums are at the top of the door and the door rolls on them.


Lock hooks on to a lock cable that is attached to a spring latch. These are the parts of the mechanism that keeps the garage door locked.


There are hinges that hold the sections of the multipanel door together at the sides and center of each panel.

Keeping your garage door in good working order will make sure it provides you with the convenience you have come to expect. Being able to open the door automatically helps you to avoid inclement weather and provides security.

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