What Protective Coating to Use on Your Granite Showers

To preserve the elegance and the show of the granite showers, use of protective coating is essential. Otherwise the granite shower walls and granite counter tops can soon become stained and difficult to clean and manage. Usually polished granites are used for shower walls and counter tops unlike the honked granite for flooring. If these polished granites are left unprotected without the use of protective coatings, then water and soap sprinkles, mildew formations would soon stain these granite tiles making it difficult to manage and requiring frequent cleaning.

Protective Granite Coating

Hydrophobic coatings are commonly used for granite showers. These coatings are highly water repellent and do not allow mildews formation on the granite shower walls. Even resists water stains on the granite shower counter tops therefore resulting in fewer chances for mold and bacteria formation. This enables easier management of the shower place without the need for frequent cleaning. It endures even hard water and do not cause any scraping.

Secondary Uses

The hydrophobic coatings are scratch and stain resistant and thereby preserving the shine and the quality of the granite stones for long. These coatings eliminate the use of daily shower sprays and increase the life of granite showers. Use of nanotechnology in these kinds of coatings make hydrophobic and other protective coatings efficient.