What R-value insulation should I use in my attic?

As a homeowner planning to install insulation in your home, you will generally want to know what R value insulation to use in your attic.

R-Value Recommended Levels

Levels of R-value you should use in your home will vary according to the area of the U.S. in which you live. The United States is divided into eight zones in which certain R-values of insulation are recommended.

Zone R-Value Recommendations

R-value levels of insulation in attics of homes in the U.S. with no current insulation are as follows:

  • Zone 1: R-30 to R-49
  • Zone 2: R-30 to R-60
  • Zone 3: R-30 to R-60
  • Zone 4: R-38 to R-60
  • Zones 5–8: R-49 to R-60