What Split Rail Fencing Materials You Need

Split rail fencing is one fencing option that offers appeal that is hard to rival. A split rail fence is a nostalgic and charming addition to a property, and evokes thoughts of country farms for many who see them. Determining the materials needed is not difficult, there are only a few considerations to keep in mind.


The first step in determining the materials needed to create your new fence is to measure the overall length needed. It is helpful to sketch out a layout of the fence. From your measurements and sketch, you can determine how many posts you will need and where you will need special posts. You can also determine how much railing you will need for the fence too. Determine your budget for the project and look at different options for types of wood that work for you. Cedar, while a bit more expensive, is extremely durable and will ultimately be a good value for the wood choice, as it is very durable and long lasting. You will also need sand and gravel to put at the bottom of the post holes, and if desired, concrete.


You will need some basic materials to install the fence as well. You will want to make sure you have a level, string and stakes, shovel, post hole digger, and wheelbarrow.