What Style Of Valance Works Best In The Kitchen? What Style Of Valance Works Best In The Kitchen?

Most kitchen valances are designed with a light, informal look. Use of dark colors and heavy material will not suit the look of a kitchen valance at all. There may be some debate about what style works best, but here are some ideas to consider.



A tailored look for your kitchen valance can never go wrong. A simple pleated lightweight fabric should blend in well with the curtains chosen. Adding a little twist, such as scalloped edging, will put a creative touch to the valance separating it from the ordinary.



Although a swag valance is usually reserved for a formal look, use of softer fabrics that evoke the kitchen style can help accent the chosen décor. If your kitchen is country-styled, try adding a denim swag valance to go with your overall room design.



Scarf valances can add a simple, yet a little more elegant, look to your kitchen window treatment. This is especially true if you have a wide window treatment, for example, a breakfast nook. The scarf treatment adds a little touch more design to the overall look of the windows as opposed to simple flat valance panels.

Use a lightweight or semi-sheer fabric for your kitchen valances.

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