What the Best Area Rugs Have in Common What the Best Area Rugs Have in Common

The best area rugs share one thing in common, charm. 

Room size and furniture placement will dictate the size of the area rug. Standard sizes range from 3 feet by 5 feet for an entryway to an 8 foot round for a dining room and 9 feet by 12 feet for a formal living or family room. 

Custom area rugs have many shapes and sizes and can be hand-carved with many border applications. There are various fibers that are used in making area rugs. Wool is a natural fiber used in manufacturing fine area rugs. Other materials used in fine area rugs include nylon, silk, sisal, and leather. 

The area rug can be a very focal part of any room. The rug reflects style, design, and color. Finer area rugs are surged giving the edge a distinctive look and added protection.  The back of an area rug reflects quality. Muslin backing gives the area rug strength and stability. 

Fine area rugs project both a traditional feeling and a feeling of relaxation, whether it's a classic oriental or a casual contemporary.  

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