What to Avoid When Installing a Marble Floor What to Avoid When Installing a Marble Floor

Installing a marble floor will add a touch of elegance to the room. Working with marble can be a costly experience if you are not careful. When installing a marble tile floor in any home, follow some simple suggestions on what to avoid producing a productive project.


  • Marble tile can be fragile. Use only approved floor tiling when installing your new floor. Stay away from bargain types that ultimately will cost you more.
  • Professional installation will ensure a great looking floor, but if you are keen toward doing it yourself, make sure you have the proper skills and tools to complete the job. Avoid using inferior tools and materials so you won’t have to do the job twice.
  • Many marble tile floors wind up having to be redone because the installer failed to examine the subflooring. Don’t make this mistake. Avoid any extra added cost by examining the subfloor making sure it can accept the new marble tile flooring.
  • One critical area to avoid is the lack of tamping down tiles to ensure full bonding. If air exists between tiles and the subfloor instead of a proper cement bond, tiles will crack when eventually walked upon. Another mistake to avoid is not allowing at least 24 hours drying time.

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