What to Avoid When Making Window Valances

A window valance

Well-designed window valances can add beauty and character to any room. Design options are limited only by your imagination and creativity. However, there are a few basic design rules that you should follow in order to avoid creating something that simply does not look good. Here are a few suggestions on what to avoid with window valances.

Avoid the Wrong Style of Valance

The design and style of your window valances should complement or match the decor of your room as much as possible. For example, if you are installing a valance in a modern designed room with simple types of furniture, a very fancy swag valance may not be the best choice for the room. If living or sitting room has a rustic country design, a modern valance wouldn't fit very well either.

Avoid Bad Fabric Choices

Bad fabrics can make unattractive valances. For example, if you have a window that is decorated with light fabric drapes or curtains, you should not make a valance with a heavy material. It simply does not match well and may look cluttered or uneven in your design. In fact, it is best to try to match the valance material to the curtain or drape material as closely as possible. While they don't have to be the same color, they should be the same weight and type of material.

Try to avoid overusing a particular pattern in one room. This will cause the room to appear busy and difficult on the eyes. If you are hanging a valance to offset a window that has blinds, keep in mind that the valance should use material that is found elsewhere in the room.

While valances are designed to make your window a focal point, they should not detract totally from the rest of the room. Make the valance attractive but not overpowering.

The Right Size

Measuring for a window valance is not very difficult. Simply add 3 or 4 inches to either side of the window opening or curtain rod length.

Also consider the height or length of the valance itself. If your windows are high up from the floor, you can get away with using longer lengths for your valance. However, if the windows are shorter or not particularly big, you should avoid making your valances very large. On average, the size of the valance should be no larger than ¼ the size of the window opening or the length of your drapes.

There are no real rules for window valances. Choose a design and style that is right for you and your home. If you're comfortable with it and the appearance pleases you, then you have made the right choice.