What to Avoid When Working with Door Flashing

Working with door flashing is an easy, but time consuming job. If it’s done right you can enjoy having added security against the elements. If you don’t do it right, you will be throwing your money away. Here’s what you need to know about door flashing.

Rushing Through It

Installing door flashing is tedious. It’s monotonous and boring, and can take time. A common problem is rushing through the installation process to just hurry up and get it done. Doing this can cause you to miss important steps, and the flashing will be ineffective.

Not Using Enough

Many people think they can save money by only using the flashing along the bottom of the sides of the door. This can end up being a costly mistake. All areas of the door should be flashed or you shouldn’t bother flashing it all. You also want to make sure you get enough of the flashing material to flash the entire door adequately. Flashing isn’t expensive, but repairing water damage is. Don’t skimp on the material.

Using the Wrong Flashing

When you go to purchase your flashing material you will be faced with several choices. You want to make sure you understand the grade of the flashing, and what it’s used for. Using flashing that is below the recommended grade will be pointless. You also want to read through the installation instructions to make sure the application is designed for your door.

Making any of these mistakes can end up costing you more money in the long run since you may be faced with repairing rotted wood and walls that have been damaged from water.