What to Avoid when Working with Lacquer Paint

Lacquer paint is a highly preferred finish in many different products today, used in everything from under-the-hood car parts to painting model sets to finishing outdoor wood furniture. However, if you plan to be doing the application yourself, there are a few things that need to be watched for and avoided for proper application.

Keep It Safe

The inherent safety hazards are an obvious risk to keep an eye on when working with any solvent-based lacquer. Open flames need to be avoided, as the lacquer is highly flammable. The fumes are also fairly toxic. Any work done with solvent-based lacquer paints should be conducted in an open, well ventilated area. Additionally, a mask should be worn, especially if using a spray gun, to avoid breathing in the fumes.

For The Novice

Lacquer paint can be tricky to apply, especially for a novice. Applying with a brush is probably a bad idea, as the lacquer tends to dry too quickly to get an even coat. Buy or rent a spray gun for this.

Also, due to the nature of acrylic lacquers, if used you should stick to a lacquer product line and not mix lacquer and paint together. It is alright to use a lacquer paint covered by a urethane clear coat, as the urethane can coat anything without damaging it, but if a lacquer clear coat is used over a urethane product, it will eat away at the urethane.