What to Consider Before Buying a Scroll Saw

A scroll saw looks like a miniature band saw. They do a lot of the same work as a band saw, but on a much smaller, more intricate scale. One major difference between a scroll saw and a band saw is that the scroll saw blade is not continuous like a band saw.

Scroll saws are quite popular among experienced woodworkers as they can be used on a variety of different materials and work great with small pieces and highly detailed interior cuts. When buying a scroll saw there are some things that you should consider.

Capacity and Speed

While power of the scroll saw is an important feature, those features that make operating the saw easier and more convenient are more important. Having a large work area and ability to use large pieces of wood is more important than the size of the electric motor. Variable speed settings will also help you make better cuts without burning the wood.

Blade Tensioning System

Look for a blade tensioning system that is up front and with simple controls will save you a lot of frustration when positioning the blade or changing the blade.

Some scroll saws while they might be a little more expensive offer more features that make you woodworking a lot easier. Save up a little more and get the best scroll saw that you can.