What to Consider when Buying a Basin Wrench

Before buying a basin wrench, you must have a good working knowledge about the different types, purposes, design, and cost of basin wrenches. A basin wrench is not designed to remove basins or sinks. Its main purpose is to remove nuts that are located under the sink or in other hard to reach areas. These nuts are very hard to remove because of the way they are positioned during the installation of the sink or the basin. However, the task is not impossible as long as you have a basin wrench.

A basin wrench is designed to have a long handle and a jaw that is spring loaded to allow ratcheting using only one hand. It also has a swivel mounted to it to provide a maximum of 90 degrees rotation. This allows the user to remove metal or plastic faucet nuts installed in the sink with ease.

Types of Nuts and Basin Wrenches

Basin wrenches can be classified under two different varieties. One type is adjustable and uses a spring mechanism in its jaws. The jaws are reversible and can be flipped on the end of the handle. This type of basin wrench can be used to loosen or tighten jam nuts, pipe nipples, and supply nuts with unusual sizes. The other type has a fixed jaw attached to the shaft handle in a 90 degree position. This type of basin wrench is used to remove hose-coupling nuts and supply nuts. Before buying a basin wrench, determine also what type of nut you want to remove.

There is also another variation of a basin wrench that is designed to remove plastic nuts that are used to attach a faucet to a basin on a sink. Since these nuts are located under the sink basin, some types of wrenches cannot be used to effectively remove them. However, plastic nut basin wrenches have a compact design and a gripper that can be adjusted to clamp down and remove the plastic nuts.

Size of the Nuts

The size of the nuts will also play a part in your decision to buy a basin wrench. Not all wrenches can fit into plastic nuts or metal nuts. There are variations in sizes so make sure to get the approximate or exact measurement of the nuts before deciding to buy a basin wrench. Some basin wrenches can be adjusted to fit any size of nut. However, there are also some basin wrenches with fixed jaws that cannot be adjusted.

The Length of the Shaft

For nuts that are hidden deep under the sink, basin wrenches with long handles should be the choice. Basin wrenches come in different shaft lengths. Determine the depth of the nuts you will be removing before deciding to buy a wrench at the hardware store.


Another thing to consider when buying a basin wrench is the cost. Some are cheaper, and some are more expensive. The price will depend on the type of material used, the distributor, and the manufacturer. It is best to shop around for the best deals.