What to Consider when Buying a Deck Stain Sprayer

Using a deck stain is a great way to preserve the natural look of your deck or patio from the various weather conditions that can bombard it. There are many different types of deck stain on the market today that will give you a lot of options for look, feel, and protective qualities. Many people will apply their deck stain with a roller or a brush. This is great for small areas. People with large decks will benefit from using a sprayer to apply the deck stain in an even coating and getting the job done quickly. Here are some things to consider when buying a deck stain sprayer.

Size of Area to Stain

One of the biggest considerations concerning the purchase of a deck sprayer is the actual size of the deck you need to stain. If you are looking at a smaller deck you will not necessarily need a large electric sprayer. If the deck is large, then a more industrial type of sprayer is going to be required in order to hold enough stain and have enough power to continue working until the end of the project.

Electric or Pump

This is mostly a personal preference, but a simple garden sprayer can easily handle applying deck stain. As already stated, if you have a large deck you will want to go with a heavier duty type of sprayer to handle the entire project. However, in smaller cases, a simple pump style sprayer will perform the job that you need from it.

Reservoir or from the Can

Some sprayers have a built-in reservoir that you can use to pour your stain into and apply it from there. The problem that happens with this is that you will run out and have to use new stain in the reservoir. This can mean an uneven consistency. A good option is to just use the can that your deck stain has come in. Some sprayers do not allow this option, so you want to look for this when buying a new deck stain sprayer.

Nozzle Sizes

Some power sprayers, like the Wagner Power Sprayer, gives you the ability to change the type of nozzle that you can use. Some applications require a certain size or style of nozzle for a better application. When you are looking for your next deck stain sprayer, make sure that it has this ability.


When you are getting ready to purchase your new deck stain sprayer you will want to take a look at your budget. A quality sprayer may cost you over $100, depending where you are buying it from. Renting a sprayer might be a better option if your budget will not allow for a large expense like that. There are sprayers, like a regular pump sprayer, that will run $40 to $50, depending on the manufacturer. This is a great choice if you do not mind sacrificing some of the options.


Perhaps more important than the price is the ease with which you can clean the sprayer after it is used. A sprayer that has a lot of tiny parts will need to be broken down during the cleaning process to ensure that you are able to remove the residue from everything.