What to Consider when Buying a Heat Pump Compressor

The heat pump compressor  is used by a number of different heat pumps, including ground source heat pumps. The compressor is the connection between the heat in the ground, and that produced by the heat pump. Firstly, the pump  takes the refrigeration liquid from the ground. It then pressurizes the refrigerant, which changes the liquid refrigerant into a gas, and  makes the temperature of the gas even hotter. After the compressor has manipulated the refrigerant, there is often a large amount of heat left over, which can also be captured by the coils. In this way, the compressor helps to provide more heat to the system.

Buying a Compressor

Most heat pumps come with their compressor already fitted, and mechanics and other experts in heat pump repair will be able to fix the pump for you at any point, but if you have problems with compressor and want another one, then there are certain things that you should look out for when making your purchase. You might want to improve your model, but you can also look around and get a good idea of what else is needed in the system before you consider buying a compressor. It is not just a matter of buying a bigger compressor and getting more heat out of your pump, as there are many other factors to consider.

Power and Supply

You should also ask yourself whether you actually need to purchase another compressor for your system. Most heat pumps are supplied with a correct compressor for their size, and adding a larger device to your system can cause it to become strained, and will shorten its life. The power of the compressor will need to fit the heat pump which you have, otherwise you will find that you are not getting the amount of hot water you expected from the system. The supply of heat will still come from the heat pump itself, the compressor only adds a small amount to this, so if you want a lot more out of your pump, you will need to purchase an entirely new, and larger, system, and not just the heat pump compressor.


The size of the heat pump compressor also needs to be taken into consideration. When first placing your heat pump into your attic, or positioning it outside your home, the installers will have measured the walls and ceiling (or roof) of the constructions around the pump. You will need at least 2 feet above your compressor in order to prevent the risk of fire, and another foot to the side of the compressor, for the same reason. These parts of the pump become very hot during use, so you should consider the amount of room you have around your heat pump before you buy a very large compressor.

When considering whether to purchase this part for your heat pump, you will need to take into account the cost of the device, and whether you really need a replacement, as well as ensuring that you can fit the compressor into your home without incurring a serious health risk.