What to Consider When Buying a New Oil Furnace

There are a number of things that you want to take into consideration when buying a new oil furnace to ensure you get the most efficiency and coverage of your homes air circulation.

House Size

One thing you will want to take into account when looking for a new oil furnace for your home is the capacity that your old furnace has to push air through your home. Different sized units put out and intake different levels of air flow and air pressure. This allows the furnace to cycle in the cold air to the blower and push it back into your home through the heat ducts.

A new oil furnace is going to run more efficiently that your old one, however a similar sized furnace may not put out as much pressure as your old unit. You will want to be sure what kind of pushing power your furnace has presently sending into your home and that your new unit will be able to live up to the same task without exertion. The size of your home also effects the efficiency of your furnace in relation to moving the air in through the cold air returns and out from the blowers or hot air returns.

Old and New Hook-ups

You will want to make sure that the hard line connections that power and fuel your old unit will match up with the connections on the new oil furnace.  This would include your oil lines as well as the electrical hookups from the power box itself, you want to ensure that your new unit can be connected to the existing lines, or what you would need to make the conversion.

Converting Furnaces

When you are converting from electric or gas heat to a new oil furnace, you are going to be looking at a number of added expenses converting the existing set-up on your furnace for oil instead. For gas you are looking at installing an entire oil drum with a mainline running to the new furnace, the electrical hookups should remain the same voltage even in this case. These are things you will want to double check when converting to another type of furnace, fuel line connections and voltage hookups and outputs.

Remember a new oil furnace can be a cost cutting upgrade, that will not only save you energy as newer units are made to run more efficiently, but also in the amount of energy they need to reach certain levels of air output and intake. A newer unit can help in heating costs and also improve the quality of the air flow in your home as older units get tired over time and don't run near as clean.

Clearance Space

Be sure that the height and width of the actual new oil furnace will fit in the existing space that your old furnace is sitting. This will prevent getting it into place and finding out it won't sit flush from floor to ceiling as it's too tall. Make sure to take measurements of the old units height and the girth around it, so you get a unit that will fit in the old space.