What to Consider when Buying a Power Paint Roller What to Consider when Buying a Power Paint Roller

When you are planning to refurbish or redecorate your home, you will find that a power paint roller can help you to complete the job more efficiently. Read on to learn more about the many uses of a roller in relation to different projects so you can decide whether this tool will be a useful purchase.

Ease of Use

Check whether you will be able to test out a demonstration model of the power paint roller before purchase. This will allow you to make sure that you can comfortably grip the handle and that you can manipulate it easily. Similarly, you will be able to gauge the weight of the appliance to check whether you will be able to cope with lifting it and holding it up for extended periods. In addition to the actual use of the roller, consider how easy it will be to store by taking the size of the appliance into account.


Determine what maintenance the power paint roller will require to keep it in good working order and how easy it will be for you to achieve on your own. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations in relation to how often maintenance is likely to be required in accordance with its use and whether they outline where replacement parts can be obtained.  

Paint Capacity

Check how much paint the power paint roller can hold to check how much surface area the paint can cover in one go. Once you are aware of the volume of paint that the appliance holds, you will be able to calculate the area that it will coat. Find out whether the tank can be interchanged with a larger variety to increase the area that the roller can cover in one go.  

Cleaning Method

The manner in which a power paint roller is cleaned and how soon this should be done after use should be a consideration. Some varieties of power roller will have the ability to clean itself automatically, which will prove very convenient. Others will have to be cleaned manually. Determine whether any additional accessories are required to complete the cleaning process, such as a cleaning solution.

Type of Paint

Consider the type of paint that you will use most often as not every type of power roller will be effective with every type of paint. The type of paint that can be used with the roller can be considered alongside the location in which the paint will be applied. If you want to apply paint to an external surface, check whether the power roller will be appropriate for this application and for the particular material that the surface is constructed with.  

Power Supply

Check how the paint roller is powered and whether the method is a convenient one. Undertake some background research to check the costs involved in regard to the power supply, for example, whether batteries can be recharged or the cost of fresh batteries. A power roller that can be powered by various methods will be more convenient as it will give you the option to choose.

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