What to Consider when Buying a Powered Hand Saw

One of the most useful power tools is a powered hand saw. It has a multitude of uses in home do-it-yourself projects and is a multifaceted tool. People use powered hand saws for many jobs, including cutting dry wall, wood and other softer and pliable materials. When you are considering buying a powered hand saw there are certain features which some will have and others will not, according to make and model. If you need to learn more about hand saws to help you decide, here are some ideas and informative hints that might help.


Consider the reasons why you are looking for a hand saw, first. The project you are considering using the hand saw for may be more suited to something else. There are many types of saw out there, such as jigsaw and reciprocating saw. Both have protruding blades, as does the powered hand saw but the blades can vary in size and length between the different saws.


If you are going to use it for cutting dry wall or plaster board you might want to be aware of its ability to power through the dry wall without splitting or tearing it. If the project involves wood, plywood, medium density fiberboard or particle board you will need to consider the power of the hand saw. The average speed of a powered hand saw is 4,600SPM and that makes it quite a powerful little saw. A power hand saw has a slightly wider, tapered blade compared with the reciprocating saw and jigsaw. A powered hand saw will cut very quickly through plastic and PVC piping and can very easily be used on trees for pruning those extra thick branches.

Setup and Power

Powered hand saws also mainly have the handle in line with a regular non powered hand saw. It works in exactly the same way as an electric carving knife and slices very fast through the wood or other material. A powered hand saw is quite a light machine and it is easy to use on many projects. Blades will get broken from time to time so some hand saws come with quick change chuck free blade changing facilities, so if that is the set up that suits you best, look for a powered hand saw with that capability.

Cord length can be a factor when buying powered hand saws. Some cords are shorter than others and there is no regular or average length of cord, so be mindful that the cord on the hand saw that you require is long enough to be of use in different jobs. You can always attach an extension cord, but if there is an option for a longer cord on a machine then it’s worth considering. The average power level of a powered hand saw is usually around the 3.4 amp level, which does produce quite a sizable level from that motor.