What to Consider when Buying a Rebar Bender

One of the most important tools on a construction site is called a rebar bender. This tool is useful for building the foundation of the building you are working on. Rebar is a metal bar that is used to reinforce concrete for added strength and stability. Without the addition of rebar throughout the wall or floor, the foundation can lose structural integrity when under stress. Bending the bar is done with a rebar bender. Here are some things to think about when considering a purchase of a rebar bender.

Is This a One Time Project?

Before you purchase a rebar bender, you want to consider the possibility of using it again. If you are building a retaining wall, a garage floor, or resurfacing your basement floor, you might want to rent the rebar bender before buying one. However, if you are going to be doing multiple projects which require the rebar bender, then buying one will be necessary and cost effective.

Portable or Stationary?

There are plenty of different types of rebar benders on the market today for construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They are most commonly broken down into two different types. The first is a portable bender that can be taken with you to the area where you will be doing the bending. Another is a stationary type that is mounted onto a truck bed or workshop. If you are doing a lot of rebar bending then having a stationary bender will be an option, as you can do all our bending in one place at the same time. 

Hydraulic or Manual?

Another consideration when buying a rebar bender is whether or not you should buy a hydraulic or manual type of bender. The hydraulic is good for rebar that is over 1 inch in diameter. This is for larger scale construction of office buildings and parking lots. For the do it yourself homeowner, a portable rebar bender that you use manually will be sufficient enough. Plus, this tool will not cost as much as a hydraulic bender.

Cost Is a Factor

Anytime you are doing a project around your home you will need to look at your budget. Buying tools is a part of that budget. Look for the rebar bender that will not only do the best job for you, but will be at the best cost for your budget. When you know that you will need a rebar bender, then you can start looking at classifieds and auction websites. 

Rebar Bender Size

There are plenty of different sizes when it comes to rebar benders. This is for all of the different diameters of rebar. However, the size will also be a factor in tensile strength at the area where the bending is taking place. Look for one that will effectively bend the rebar that you are working with. A bender that is too large will mean bends that are not in the place where you need them. Conversely, a rebar bender that is too small will not bend rebar efficiently enough.