What to Consider when Buying a Solar Air Conditioner What to Consider when Buying a Solar Air Conditioner

The first people to use a solar air conditioner were early Romans who created natural structures to ventilate and air condition homes. Much later, however, the Japanese began to use Direct Absorption technology in the sixties to create more modern solar powered air conditioners. Nowadays, using solar energy to cool homes with solar powered air conditioners is gaining in popularity because these air conditioners offer more energy efficient cooling solutions. Before purchasing such air conditioners, it is important to look at their benefits and the different options that one can choose from.


Solar air conditioners make use of fifty percent less power as compared to conventional air conditioners. In addition, these air conditioners cool better and also provide clean cooling, and they can be used in every different part of the world, as they work without needing to depend on any particular frequency.

Solar Power

Obviously, for such air conditioners to provide effective cooling, it is necessary that the location where they are to be installed are able to get sufficient and even abundant solar power. This is why in many Asian countries, such air conditioners have become very popular, and countries such as China, Japan and Korea are the ones where such air conditioners are most often used.

Instant Transition

The main benefit of using solar powered air conditioners is that they will instantly transition from warm to cool and it only requires pushing a single button or sliding a bars or twirling knobs in order to achieve desired results.

An Alternative to Costly Electricity

Solar air conditioners are ideally suited for use in places where electricity costs are very high. In summer, when heat forces one to look for proper cooling solutions, using the energy from the sun to keep cool is both innovative and desirable. The end result is that one can stay cool without having to pay hefty electricity bills.

Cooling Large Rooms

An American firm called GreenCore Air has come out with a very efficient solar air conditioner that uses solar panels of 170 wattage. Such an air conditioner can cool a large sized room and will draw its power from electricity stored in its battery tank – even when weather conditions outside are cloudy. The same company even offers a portable version which is housed on wheels and which can be wheeled to different parts of the home.

Special Technologies

Another company (Rotartica) followed the example of GreenCore Air and began offering its own solar powered air conditioner that makes best use of innovative technologies that combine water heating absorption chillers with evacuated tube thermal collectors. Though their models can really cool things down in the daytime, they will not work at night.

Dehumidifies Air

Because a solar air conditioner uses an air chiller, it can be used to not only chill the air cleanly, but it can also dehumidify the air, which makes such air conditioners safer as well as healthier. Best of all, they operate very quietly, which is another great feature that makes this kind of air conditioner a wonderful option.


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