What to Consider when Buying a Solar Window Heater What to Consider when Buying a Solar Window Heater

If you are living a green lifestyle, then you have to put up with a lot of inconveniences, and not least is the problem of what to do about cold windows in the morning. Installing a solar window heater can help you to avoid a range of problems, from simple cold to dry rot and insect activity. If you are looking for a solar window heater, then there are a number of things you should consider before you hand over your hard-earned cash. Getting the most for your money is a necessity, but don't forget other factors, such as the amount of heat produced.


When looking for a solar window heater, cost is a big issue. There are a number of factors which can affect the price of a solar window heater, including cost, size of the solar panel, and the area that it is able to heat. You may also be interested in second-hand heaters, which can be a lot cheaper than attempting to buy a new variety. If you want to get the cheapest heater, then you may consider looking online to buy, as web sellers often offer reductions as an inducement to buy from them. However you buy your heater, make sure that you get total costs, including delivery and installation, before you agree to the purchase.

Environmental Impact

Heating up the house is a problem for many who opt for green lifestyles, as the heating can itself cause problems for the environment. Before you make any specific purchase on a heater, you will need to check out its environmental impact. How much CO2 does it produce, for example, and how much heat will be displaced into the atmosphere. Checking out emissions before you buy can help you to cut down the number of items that you have to consider, although you may not be aware of the total environmental impact until you have begun to use the device.

Energy Efficiency

As well as the environmental impact of your heater, you will also need to look at the energy efficiency of the product. Some heaters use a back-up electrical connection, which can mean that if your solar panels are not perfect, that you may end up paying a lot for your new system. Getting an energy efficient solar window heater should be one of your priorities, and if you can find one which meets your requirements, then you may consider yourself lucky.

Solar Panels

When you are looking for a solar heater of any kind, one of your considerations should be the type of solar panel you are purchasing. Solar panels come in a range of sizes, from ones which are all-year-round installations to roll-up panels. The latter might be best if you will not want to use your heater all the time, but they are less energy efficient than the traditional glass models, so it may be a case of compromising to get the best heater that you can.

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