What to Consider when Buying a Spinning Composter What to Consider when Buying a Spinning Composter

A spinning composter is sufficient to make all the compost you need for your garden. They're small enough to handle and tuck away in your backyard, and you won’t need to use commercial fertilizers again. There are different models available, but the concept is the same: A rotating bin that speeds up composting by encouraging bacteria growth through aeration, and it eliminates the task of turning over compost piles with a hand tool.

Easy Assembly

A spinning composter should make backyard gardening easier for you. The system is really simple, and you shouldn't buy one that's hard to assemble. As you read reviews, take note of the ones that are easy to assemble, and buy one of those.


Some spinning composters sit on the ground, and others come with a stand. You'll appreciate the ones on a stand, especially if you suffer back injuries or want to ease back-breaking labor. If you find one with a stand, make sure it's not plastic. Try to find a stand that's made of stainless steel or other durable material. If the bin is tall enough to spin, you may not need a stand.

Easy Access

You'll add ingredients to the compost bin often, and you'll get discouraged fast if getting your organic materials inside of the bin is a hassle. Get a compost bin with a sliding door that you can open and shut with one hand. You should be able to carry a kitchen compost bin in one hand, open the spinning composter bin door with another and dump the contents in.

Pest Proof

As compost rots, the bin will attract pests. It will be a disaster if they make it into the compost bin, and the only way to prevent that is to buy one that's pest proof. Make sure your spinning composter can withstand the attacks from stray animals and other critters that are curious about its contents and will work hard to raid it. 

Recycled Plastic

If buying recycled material is important to you, then you should buy spinning composters made from it. There are many options on the market for bins made with 100 percent recycled plastic. It will say so in the product description, or you can contact the manufacturer if you're not sure.


You can get a pretty large sized model that's too large for your family needs and for your backyard. If you share a yard or have a small yard, then size is a major issue. Verify the dimensions of the spinning composter to ensure that it's a good fit for your needs. Even if it gets great reviews, you may spend too much for too big a composter.

Time to Make Compost

It may take up to eight weeks to actually get your first batch of compost. You can't really rely on the product description to get the truth about the particular bin you’re considering. Visit forums and solicit personal experiences from forum members, or read Amazon and other online reviews that discuss how long it takes to make compost.

When you find the right spinning composter, you'll save yourself money and you'll grow healthy plants. It's a great investment if working your own compost pile is not an option.

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