What to Consider When Buying Central Air Conditioner Covers What to Consider When Buying Central Air Conditioner Covers

Central air conditioner covers play an important role in the protection and maintenance of central air conditioning units. Many homes have central air conditioners that are situate outdoors, leaving them exposed to the elements at all times of the year. In the summer, these units are left open because they are in use and need efficient air circulation and venting. However, central air conditioners are not used in the winter and in cooler weather, which can make up most of the year, depending on where you live. This period is referred to as the ‘off season’ for air conditioner use.

Because the central air conditioner remains out of use for a few months at a stretch, it does not need to be uncovered at all as there is no need for venting or air circulation. During this period, you can cover your central air conditioner with a high quality cover. This will protect the unit from rain, snow, falling leaves, twigs, insects and dust, among other several outdoor elements. Wrapping a plastic cover on your outdoor central air conditioning unit will not give you the best results. It is best to do some research and buy air conditioner covers that will protect your unit. There are several factors you must consider before making the right purchase.

Size and Shape of Your Air Conditioning Unit

The very first item on the list is to measure your central air conditioner. Make an accurate note of all the dimensions and its shape. In most cases, you can directly buy an air conditioner cover that perfectly fits over your unit. Otherwise, you have the option of getting a cover custom made according to the dimensions of your unit. The cover must also have openings to fit electrical lines and pipes to and from the unit.

Types of Materials

Central air conditioner covers are available in hard and soft formats. Both provide adequate protection against the elements, provided they are made of durable materials. Some covers are magnetic, which enables them to fit snugly over the unit and stay closed even during heavy winds.

Features to Look For

Your air conditioner cover will have to brave the elements for many years. It is best to purchase a cover that will last you for a long time with minimal maintenance. One of the features you can look for is fire retardation. This makes the unit much better protected against accidents and fires. Ultraviolet resistance is another favorable feature, which makes the cover last longer. Because air conditioner covers are used in the winter, they must be resistant to cold. Some materials are treated to withstand extreme cold, so they do not crack or peel.

Additionally, protection against extreme heat is also an advantage, in the event you are going away for a few weeks in the summer. Marine canvas and vinyl are most often used in the construction of covers. A cover that is resistant to fungi, mold and mildew is a great choice. Look for a warranty period of at least 5 years. Also, to prevent condensation, a cover must preferably be slightly shorter that the unit so that the coils get some air circulation.

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