What to Consider when Buying Lacquer Spray Paint

If you want a hard, durable finish that has a high glossy finish, you need lacquer spray paint. Lacquer is a clear or colored coating that gives the illusion of depth. It is typically used to paint cars but is being used more for other projects. There are several things to consider before buying lacquer spray paint.


Lacquer is a great paint because it is glossy and thick, but if not applied properly, it can bubble and crack.  Also, because of the translucent factor of the paint, it shows in flaws or inconsistencies in the surface of the object painted.  There is a high preparation time to consider before deciding to use lacquer spray paint.  The surface your painting on must be clean, sanded smooth, and primed. Ammonia based cleaners are best to clean because it cuts through any grime and grease. Be careful after your surface is prepped. Oils from your hands will interfere with the lacquer’s ability to bond, causing bubbling and peeling.

Lacquer and Enamel Paint

Sometimes you may want to use lacquer spray paint, but need a specialty color that you can not find. Consider is using lacquer paint with enamel paint. Enamel paints come in wider variety of colors and can be easily used with lacquer. Keep in mind lacquer spray paint uses a lacquer thinner as a solvent. When you use lacquer on top of any other paint, it will soften it. It is best to apply enamel on top of lacquer, drying each layer thoroughly. Lacquer paint is has a very quick drying time. Enamel dries very slowly.

Clean Up

Before you decide to buy lacquer spray paint, you need to consider the clean up after you use it. Lacquer spray paint was made to be durable and long lasting. It is very hard to clean up if you get it on unintended surfaces. To remove unwanted lacquer spray paint, you must apply denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner on steel wood. Use the steel wood to scrub the lacquer off. If it is not coming up with the steel wool, you must poor alcohol or thinner directly on the spot and use a paint scraper.

Drying Time

Lacquer spray paint dries extremely fast. You must work fast when spraying painting. It looks best when you apply a generous coat of lacquer quickly in one long movement. Moving quickly, start the next stroke before the first one starts to set and barely overlap the edges. If you want to take your time spray painting, consider using a different type of spray paint.

Lacquer spray paint is an easy to use paint that provides a beautiful finish. It provides a long lasting surface to what ever object you are painting. It comes in a variety of colors and can be combined with other paint to create the ultimate finish. Being prepared by considering these few points before buying will ensure you have a great lacquer painting experience.