What to Consider when Buying Metallic Spray Paint What to Consider when Buying Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic spray paints are popular because they give substances a shiny surface. You can use these spray paints for large projects such as a ca remodeling. However, there are different types of metallic spray paints for each type of project. Since that can create confusion, this article is made to inform you which types of paint will be beneficial for different types of projects. 

Using the Paint over Wood

Wood is porous, so you would have to prime it before applying paint to it. The most recommended products for spraying over wood would be the Krylon Metallic Enamel Paint, which sells for five dollars at krylon.com. There are over fifty colors which you can get with this product. You can get the primer by buying the Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer, which sells for $5 at rustoleum.com. The only color available for the primer is white.

Using the Paint over Metal

Metallic spray paints can also be used for spraying over metal. You can use the spray for knobs, filing cabinets, chandeliers, appliances, among much more. Another reason why metallic spraying would look much better than brush painting is because you won’t get the metallic look with brushes, and there would be brush marks all over the object. Again, use the Krylon Metallic Enamel Paint with the preferred color which you want. Use the Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer if you want to get your object primed.

Using the paint over plastic

 If you want to make an object made up of plastic look like metal, you can buy paints that make an object look either like gold or steel. The best product for this assignment is the Rust-Oleum American Accents Craft & Hobby Enamel Spray, if you want to make your object look like gold or like silver. You won’t need a primer for this job.

Using the paint on walls

For walls, I don’t have a specific product to recommend, because there are different types of walls in each place, and one kind of paint won’t be suitable for each wall. For this scenario, the best thing you can do is go to krylon.com or to rustoleum.com and find the best product that will suit your wall. Also, speak to your local hardware store and ask them their opinions, since they are experts in these fields. Speak to someone who has sprayed their room with metallic paint. Another place to get help is Yahoo! Answers, where you can get a lot of help and advice.

If you still need want to decide which product to use, then you can ask help from either krylon.com or rustoleum.com, since they are the leaders in making spray paints, or you can go to Yahoo! Answers. You can also get help from your local hardware store. Additionally, the products which I have suggested in this page may not be suitable for your needs, so you can ask the seller for their opinion.  Also, get help from any of your buddies if they ever used metallic spray paints before, and if they ever applied it on their rooms or on any other thing.



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