What to Consider when Buying Water Putty

Water putty, despite the name, is not actually waterproof. The term "water putty" describes a putty that is in powder form and then mixed with water. Water putty is used in the same way as other fillers for wood, walls, plastic and plaster. Once water putty dries it is nearly as strong as cement which makes it ideal for construction and home design. Water putty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and this article will provide you with information on what to think about when purchasing it.

Drying Time and Curing

One of the most important features in water putty is how long it takes to dry and how long it takes to cure. These sound like similar things but they are not. A putty can dry very quickly but it will not set fast (cure) for several days. An ideal product is a water putty that can dry in under a half hour and cure in half of a day. If you are on a strict timeline then these two things become very important to you and the speed of your work.


Water putty is a powder that, when mixed with water, becomes a thick paste that you use to cover up holes and cracks. The question is how long it can last in its paste form. It can become very tedious and time consuming when you have to constantly mix batch after batch. The job you are doing may take more than one day and mixing water putty once and using it over the course of the job is ideal. You want to look for a water putty that can be stored in a bucket or other suitable container that will not dry out. Eventually the water putty will dry but the more you make and store the longer it will take.


The main purpose of a putty compound is to act as a filler. This means you can spread it over minor cracks, seams and holes. Water putty, due to its properties, can be used on various surfaces such as plastic and metal. It dries almost as hard as concrete which makes it great to use for home construction. That is a generalization though as some brands of water putty have usage limitations. Make sure you read the packaging prior to purchase to make sure that you can use it for whatever the project is that you are doing. If you buy one that is solely meant for wood then it will not work well on metal.

Special Qualities

In the construction world these days many products will have multiple additives added to the formula. A standard water putty will be mixed with water and then applied to the desired surface. There are more expensive kinds of wood putty that are infused with other chemicals to hopefully improve the compound. Some of the additives you can hope to find within a water putty can include a waterproofing agent and quick-dry additive. There is also a variety that changes color when it's dry and cured.