What to Consider when Buying Waterproof Paint

Waterproof paint is used to prevent water damage, both from the outside and from the inside. Nowadays, there are a lot of different types of waterproof paint. Usually it is used to keep rain water from seeping into exposed cracks found in the wall. One important thing to remember is that waterproof paint is no substitute for maintenance to the drain or piping system. Nonetheless, water proof paint gives an added layer of protection to your outside or inside wall, and it prevents moisture from depositing.

When choosing water proof paints you have to consider four essential things: the amount of paint needed for the job at hand, the recommended brand and price bracket you wish to stick to, the guarantee offered and last but not least, the room itself.

The Amount

When buying paint, either waterproof or normal paint, always stock enough cans to serve you for the whole project and a little more. Usually, when using waterproof paint, you would not have to re-paint many times, so just purchase a small amount more for any retouching that may be needed.

The Price

Remember pricey waterproof paint doesn’t mean that it’s the best.  On the other hand, a very cheap price is indicative for cheap protection. Nowadays almost every retailer or ironmonger has waterproof paint. Hence, don’t rush into buying, but evaluate your options.

The Brand

There are a lot of brands on the market, but it is always safe to go for well known brands because usually they ensure the best product.

The Guarantee

Normally this is intertwined with the brand because the better the brand, the higher the guarantee of the product. If you want you can opt for a lesser known brand, but never choose waterproof paint with a low guarantee proposition, because you will end up paying more in maintenance bills. 

The Room

When choosing what type of waterproof paint you want you have to consider where you are going to use it. If it’s for outside purposes you need a strong water proof paint because it will come into contact with heavy rain. Rain today contains acidic substances due to heavy pollution in the air. Thus, the water proof paint used has to have maximum protection capacities. On the other hand, if you are using water proof paint for any inside purpose, considering that you would have already waterproofed the opposite side of the wall from outside, you can opt for lower quality.  An important area of the house that will highly benefit from waterproofing paint is the basement. It is advisable to use strong water proof paint in the basement because normally that is where moisture is generated, which eventually will spread throughout the house, causing a lot of damage. By using water proof paint you can prevent this and eventually save a couple of hundred dollars in maintenance.