What to Consider when Choosing an Above-Ground Pool Alarm What to Consider when Choosing an Above-Ground Pool Alarm

When you own an above-ground pool then an above-ground pool alarm is a very important accessory to own. An above-ground pool alarm operates along the same principles as a door or window alarm system. The following article will share with you several things you must consider when looking to purchase an above-ground pool alarm.

Cost of Unit

Money unfortunately can be a key factor in the type of above-ground pool alarm you will purchase. Keep in mind though that just because an above-ground pool alarm is expensive does not mean that it is good. Not all alarms are built the same and technology is not identical between the same types of alarm systems. Never spend more than you are comfortable with as long as the alarm is highly rated and well recommended.

Active Technology

You can find an above-ground pool alarm that's outfitted with several kinds of technology much like the many alarms you would install around your home. Which technology you choose is all about personal taste, need and effectiveness of the technology. Among the technology available are magnets, heat and motion. Either of these is effective in protecting your above-ground pool.


Before you buy an above-ground pool alarm you should consider and evaluate your need for such a device. If you are worried about trespassers to your above-ground pool area then a motion or heat sensor would be the popular choice. If, however, you are more concerned about someone or something potentially falling in the pool and getting injured then an alarm for the pool cover may be more important than a general all-purpose alarm.

On the Pool or Off

Out of the several kinds of above-ground pool alarms available you will have to choose between one that goes on the pool or one that resides away from it. The alarms positioned on the pool are usually there to alert you to the fact that someone has entered the pool steps or removed the pool cover. The only problem with these alarms is that you may not be notified in time enough to catch or protect the person who caused the alarm to sound in the first place. Above-ground pool alarms that are placed away from the pool are often attached to the gate or door leading to the pool area. This type of alarm could be considered an early warning system as they will go off before someone actually gets to the pool. This gives you more time to respond.

More than One

Between all of the choices you have when looking to buy an above-ground pool alarm you do not always have to settle for just one type of alarm. There are pool alarm kits you can purchase which will set you up nicely but they can cost more money. Utilize all of the technology you can to fully protect your above-ground pool. Place motion sensors around the access points to where the pool is located and on the pool cover.

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