What to Consider when Choosing Garden Fence Panels

There are many different styles of garden fence panels that a homeowner can use within their fence for privacy in their yard or garden. Fence panels are the small slats of material that are either horizontal or vertical. They usually have small spaces in between the panels for being able to see through. Garden fence panels are available in many different materials which makes choosing them a little overwhelming. However, with a few considerations to think about you can choose the exact fence panels that you need for privacy and security. 

Size of Garden Fence Panels

Garden fence panels are available in several varying widths for different aesthetics. You can find garden fence panels that are 6 feet wide to 10 feet wide. The height of the fence panels can also range from 3 feet tall to over 8 feet tall. These sizes are used for different types of gardens. Smaller fence panels should be used to help contain smaller gardens, while larger panels will give a larger garden better depth. 

Determine What Type of Material

Another consideration to think about is the actual material that the garden fence panels will be made of. As a do-it-yourself homeowner you can choose from wood, vinyl, metal, rubber, bamboo and wrought iron panels. They each have their own appeal, look, and care considerations. 

Look at Maintenance Requirements

Some of the different materials of garden fence panels are going to need much more maintenance than others. Wood and metal are the most notorious. Wood needs to be continually monitored for any signs of water or insect damage. Metal fence panels also need to be monitored for scratches and rust. Repainting, or staining, will help to keep these two different types of panels looking new. Vinyl, rubber, and even wrought iron only need some basic cleaning to keep them in great shape. Bamboo panels will need to be maintained, but not as rigorously as wood or metal. 

Cost of Garden Fence Panels

Depending on the type of material that the garden fence panels are made out of the costs can be quite considerable. While vinyl does require much less maintenance than wood, they will also cost several hundred dollars more. If you have a large area that needs to be fenced in then you can see these costs escalate quite rapidly. A fence panel that is around 3 feet tall and mounted to timber posts will be very budget friendly. Elaborate European style fence panels, that are 6 feet high and 6 feet wide, are going to be much more expensive, but provide greater privacy, security, and lower maintenance. 

Consider Your Landscape

Before finalizing your decision on the type of garden fence panels that you will use for your garden, make sure that your landscape can accommodate the individual panels. Will you need to do any type of landscaping first? Will ground need to be leveled? Is there any soil that must be removed? Are there trees, buildings, or other obstructions in the path? Does your ground have a lot of sand, clay, or ledge? These things will determine what type of garden fence panels you eventually buy.