What to Consider When Planning a Hip Roof What to Consider When Planning a Hip Roof

A hip roof is one of the most commonly used designs as it adds architectural lines to the plan of a house and also offers protection from the elements to walls, windows and doors. The framing is quite important as it can be used to lend more architectural integrity of a home. A hip roof is made of a ridge board, common rafters, hip rafters, and jack rafters. The rafters are usually designed to tie off to all corners and walls of the structure.

Design of the Roof

The design of the roof is one of the first considerations even before drawing up a plan. The basic shape of the hip roof should border towards the plan of the floor. Its elevations are drawn in the initial stages of the roof’s design. This is the time to think about its structural system, shape and material to be used in construction.

Plan for a Hip Roof

The shape of the hip roof is a major consideration when coming up with the plan. This in turn affects the materials to be used, vents and their location. During this stage, keep in mind the type of underlayment to be used during construction.

Size of the Roof

Hip roofs can be used in applications; however it is important to start by considering the size of the house. Consider using pre-engineered hip roof package if one is working on a do-it-yourself home project. This helps to take care of important considerations such as ventilation, drainage, sheathing, insulation, guttering, chimneys, or even sky lighting.

With hip roof kits, it is possible to put such factors into consideration which can be difficult when building the roof from scratch.

Hip Roof Framing Plan

If the type of roof being planned is for complicated residential or commercial roof shapes, then it is important to come up with a framing plan. Its objective is to show the size and direction of the construction. This helps to show different members that are required to frame the entire roof of the house.

Roof Pitches

The pitch or slope of the roof is the angle that compares the horizontal run and vertical rise. It influences the overall shape of the entire roof. Pitches are included in the plan of a hip roof as the intersections.

Roofing Materials

The material to be used for roofing depends on the roof of the pitch, exterior shape or style, cost and dominant climatic condition. There are a wide variety of materials that can be used which includes build up roofing, composition and wood shingles, clay or cement tiles, and metal panels.

Keep in mind the weight per square and the required pitch as specified by the plan. The weight of the roofing material affects the size of the framing, the required shape and overall appearance of the roof.

Do-it-Yourself vs. Pre-Engineered

It is advisable to get professional assistance when planning a hip roof for large houses or complicated architectural designs. Pre-engineered roofing kits can be used in such instances as well. A roof can be built from scratch for small sized house projects that require few design and functional considerations.




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