What to do Before Tiling Your Shower

Tiling shower is a task that you can do all by yourself. However, you need to prep up your shower before doing any remodeling or installation of new tiles.

Some people who try to tile their shower rooms by themselves often forget that water is involved. As such, it is necessary to perform precautionary and preparation steps to ensure that moisture won’t be locked in or could seep in between your shower wall and the tiles. Moisture between the tiles and wall can breed mold and be cause for an expensive repair job later.

Thorough Cleaning of the Shower Room

Wash off any debris and dust off your shower room a day before you plan to install the tiles. Old shower rooms must be scrubbed thoroughly and rinsed with water. Let it dry completely and do not use the shower room for the entire day after cleaning.

Dust the Walls

Before tiling shower, remove any dust from the walls by using a vacuum or broom.

Turning Off Water Valves

Double check that water faucets, shower heads and other similar valves are turned off prior to the installation.

Waterproof the Area

Use a brush to apply waterproofing paint on the walls and floors of your tiles. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the waterproofing label. To make the job easier, use paint rollers for wider areas. Just make sure that your brush at least the edges of the perimeter with waterproof paint. Consider doing a second coating to ensure that no moisture or water can leak in. Let the waterproofing coat dry for at least 24 hours or unless otherwise instructed.

Tightening the Screws and Check for Holes

Brush some waterproofing paint around any screws in the shower room and coat the openings to any holes with the paint as well.

Empty the Shower Room of Personal items

Remove your shower curtain before installing tiles. You should also take away soaps, shampoos lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and other similar grooming and hygiene products. Transfer your shower plants to another safe place. As a general rule, your shower room must just contain all the permanent fixtures that you can’t move.