What to Do if a Garage Door Opener Chain Goes Track

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Garage doors operate either by hand, meaning that the homeowner or renter literally lifts the door manually, or by machine, which is when the homeowner or renter operates the garage door by the press of a button within the garage or on a remote control inside his or her car, truck, or SUV. Some drivers even have a control on their motorcycles. When the garage door goes off track, it can be a serious inconvenience.

If you find that your garage door opener chain falls off the track on which it has been placed, you will need to put it back up, and then tighten the chain to stop this happening in the future. If you are outside the door when this occurs, you will need some assistance to move the door manually. Keep it propped open while you fix the chain.

Disconnect the Opener

Before you can start fixing the garage door opener chain, you will need to remove the opener from the power source. This prevents it doing things you don't plan while you have the chain in your hands. It also allows you to touch the electrical systems without fear of shock.

Fixing the Chain

Once you have the power supply shut off, you can then start placing the chain back onto the tracks. Make sure that the chain is put into the tracks so that it is straight, without any kinks or other problems which could cause damage.

Tightening the Chain

Once you have done this, you can then tighten your garage door opener chain. Open up the control box for your opener, and you should see the chain control, with two bolts, one either side of the box. One bolt will tighten up the chain, the other loosen it. Tighten the chain and then turn the power back on.